Yeah so, it’s been a while. My lame excuse is that our stuff arrived on the moving van and since then, all I remember doing is unpacking boxes. I think I was hoping to magically transform the house in a day or two and then post photos of that, as opposed to all the craptastic-ness in between. But there are *still* a few boxes to be unpacked, and (as I should know by now) moving in actually takes a really long time as you realize what you need to make your life work in the new space as seamlessly as possible, and 1) try to adapt what you have to do that, or, when that fails, 2) try to find what you need to make it happen, instead. By which I mean you drive around northern California malls looking for shoe racks and a washer/dryer.

But we do have the interwebs! Which is why I can now write more than a misspelled caption. It took us 3 weeks to get online, but Valley Internet saved us, with their giant Wifi network. This is a photo of the thing now on our roof that sucks information in so I no longer need to puzzle all night about where I’m going to run into the supposedly rampant Napa valley Black Widow spiders; I now know that it will almost definitely be in the tool shed.


Deer are much easier to to find than the internet. We have seen deer every single day since we got here, including a few in our own yard and at least 20 in one night while driving (slowly, obvs) to dinner and back.

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