New Pottery

Posted by Jane Mount on

Recently I made my first teapots ever, and maybe my last, because they are very involved, with many steps, and I don't even know many people who actually use teapots, do you? I also continued making tiny animals, or Ceranimals™, as I'm calling them, haha, since I cannot resist a portmanteau.

I've also found some glaze combinations I really like, that look organic but on purpose, if that makes sense.

I take a class once a week at the Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center, in Makawao here on Maui, currently with an excellent teacher named Jennifer Owen. The Hui has a large gas kiln that fires to cone 10 (around 2300 degrees Fahrenheit) reduction (reduction firing means there's less oxygen in the kiln, and as a result the glazes can do funky things and turn colors they won't during an oxidation firing).


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